Les Hamaques. Where everything started


Everything starts with a dream, the dream of a couple to buy an old farm, and convert it into a family holidays house. This couple, an architectural / industrial designer and a interior stylist and brilliant decorator refurbished and redesigned the house keeping the essence and the architecture of it. It was redesigned with care for the enviroment and the rural roots, and with the time filled slowly with details from trips, objects from brocanters, plants and custom designs.

One day the country house became a bed and breakfast, the idea was to share this beautiful space -that this typical Emporda countryhouse was-, that way a lot of people could enjoy this little paradise, designed by d’Aussy Interiors -at that moment was making spontaneous projects to friends, just for passion- and Ino Coll (stylist and decorator) was a big part of it, as all the details and objects was her little finds all around the word.

Some of the people who enjoyed a stay in Les Hamaques and apreciated the ambience of it started to wonder if the studio who designed it, could also design them interior, and then d’Aussy Interiors was born, to give the possibility to create new interiors with the same essence and culture.